Dear Mr. Holbrook,

The H & H response to our requirement in Great Falls to pave several long drives and pipe stems therein was in keeping with your promise to provide quality workmanship at a most reasonable price. As a matter of fact, the degree of excellence in which the work was efficiently accomplished cannot be overstated. Your hard-working and cheerful team has obviously been well-schooled in personal pride of work and accomplishment. They were, each of them, marvelous to watch.

But I wish to emphasize the collective satisfaction of the neighborhood with your personal management of what we realize has been a highly complex job…and especially in being able successfully to diplomatically deal with the various personalities of the homeowners involved, some of whom — like me — can be fastidious to a point of frustration. You personally supervised all the work, made quick decisions for changes in work where necessary, and went above and beyond in satisfactorily delivering your overall promise for a quality job for the entire site to the most demanding standard.

On behalf of all the residents, I commend your work without equivocation and would be most happy to personally speak on your behalf to any inquirer thinking about using H & H for asphalt work, large or small. Please use this letter as an endorsement of both your service and pricing. It is sincerely genuine, and comes after dealing with at least five other Washington area asphalt companies, all of which the H & H degree of excellence surpasses.


Great Falls, VA